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Perennials Buying Guide: Everything you need to know


Are you looking for a plant that will last you the long-term? If so, then perennials are an excellent choice. Perennials typically live upwards of three years, and even longer in some cases, and offer remarkable blooms year after year with minimal effort on your part. However, there are many things to consider before making any purchases—especially if this is your first foray into gardening. This guide aims to answer all of your questions about perennials so you can purchase confidently knowing all the facts!


What is a perennial plant?

A perennial plant is one that lives more than two years and comes back each spring from its root system (it does not need to be replanted each year). Perennials are characterized by long-term growth habits, with different varieties offering a range of shapes, colors, and sizes.


What are the benefits of growing perennials?

The biggest benefit to growing perennials is that they require minimal maintenance once established. Unlike annuals which need to be replanted every spring, perennials only need occasional pruning and fertilizing to stay healthy and vibrant. Furthermore, many perennial plants offer colorful blooms in all four seasons—including evergreen options for winter—and attract birds, butterflies, and other beneficial insects to your garden. 


Are there any drawbacks to growing perennials?

One potential drawback of growing perennials is that some varieties can become aggressive and spread quickly if not given enough space. It is important to do your research before purchasing a perennial so you can be sure it won’t take over your garden. Additionally, some perennials require more care than others, such as regular pruning or deadheading of flowers in order to keep them blooming all season long.


What are the different types of perennials?

The most popular varieties of perennials include daisies, coneflowers, irises, and hostas. There are also many varieties of flowering shrubs that are technically classified as perennials—such as azaleas and rhododendrons—which offer vibrant colors throughout the warmer months. In addition to these common perennials, there are many more unusual varieties that offer an interesting and unique addition to any garden.


How do I choose the right perennial for my garden?

When selecting a perennial for your garden, be sure to consider its growth habits. Some plants require full sun while others prefer shade; some need regular pruning or deadheading while others don’t; and some spread quickly while others remain in one place. Additionally, you should take into account the soil type, drainage needs, hardiness zone, and growing conditions of your area before making any purchases. 


What is the best way to care for perennials?

The key to successful perennial gardening is proper soil preparation prior to planting and adequate watering after planting. Once your perennials are established, it is important to regularly fertilize and mulch around the base of the plants to help retain moisture and reduce weeds. Additionally, you may need to prune or deadhead certain varieties in order to keep them blooming all season long.


What are the best ways to propagate perennials?

The two most common methods for propagating perennials are dividing and taking cuttings. With division, you can simply take a shovel and dig up a clump of established plants and divide them into multiple sections before replanting elsewhere in the garden. Taking cuttings involves snipping off small sections from an existing plant and placing them into nutrient-rich soil so they can root and form new plants. 


How long do perennials typically live?

Perennials generally live for three to five years before they need to be replaced, although some varieties can last up to ten years with proper care and maintenance. It is important to remember that the lifespan of a perennial depends on its growing conditions, so it is best to research the specific variety you are interested in before making any purchases.


Perennial plants offer a diverse range of shapes, colors, and sizes that can make any garden look beautiful all year round. With minimal maintenance once established and an array of different varieties available, there’s no wonder why perennials remain a popular choice among gardeners everywhere! Before selecting which type of perennial to plant in your garden, be sure to consider its growth habits, soil needs, and potential drawbacks. With the right selection and proper care, you will have a beautiful and long-lasting display of flowers just in time for spring!


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