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Hanging Planters Buying Guide: Everything you need to know


Hanging planters are a great addition to any home, garden or outdoor space. They give you the opportunity to add color and life without needing extra floor space or taking up valuable wall area. Plus, there are plenty of materials, sizes and shapes available – making them an ideal choice for anyone looking for something different and unique. With so many options available, it can be hard to decide which one is best suited for your needs. That’s why we’ve created this comprehensive guide to help you select the perfect hanging planter for your home!


What Materials Are Hanging Planters Made Of?

Hanging planters come in a variety of materials, from plastic to metal, wood, ceramic and terra cotta. Plastic is an inexpensive and lightweight option, making it easy to move and hang. It’s also water-resistant so you don’t have to worry about spills or moisture damage. Metal planters are stylish, durable and easy to clean – perfect for outdoor spaces like balconies or patios. Wood planters are great for a natural look but can be more expensive than other materials. Ceramic and terra cotta planters offer the most versatility in terms of color, shape and size – plus they’re super simple to customize with paint or decals!


How Do I Choose the Right Size Hanging Planter?

When selecting a hanging planter, size is important! If the planter is too large, it may overpower your space. Conversely, if it’s too small, it won’t make much of an impact. Before making a purchase, measure the area where you plan to hang the planter and take into account any obstacles like windows or doors that might limit the size you can use. You also want to consider how much weight your chosen material can hold – metal and wood are typically sturdier than plastic or ceramic.


What Type of Hanging Planter Should I Choose?

The type of hanging planter you choose depends on what kind of look you’re going for as well as what plants or flowers you want to grow in it. If you want something traditional, a classic ceramic or terra cotta pot is perfect for that. If you prefer more modern styles, metal planters are great for adding an industrial feel. Plastic planters are ideal if you want something lightweight and easy to move around while wood planters are best if you’re looking for a natural look.


What Are the Benefits of Hanging Planters?

Hanging planters have many benefits! They allow you to add life and color without taking up valuable floor or wall space, making them perfect for small spaces like patios or balconies. They also come in a variety of materials and sizes so you can easily customize your look. Plus, they’re easy to hang and take down when needed – ideal for renters or those who move often.


Are Hanging Planters Difficult to Maintain?

No, hanging planters are not difficult to maintain! Depending on the material, some will require more upkeep than others – metal and wood may need to be treated with a sealant or waterproofing spray every so often. Plastic and ceramic planters are usually the easiest to care for since they’re water-resistant and can simply be wiped down with a damp cloth when needed. Additionally, all types of hanging planters should be checked periodically for signs of damage such as rust or cracks.


Hanging planters offer a great way to bring color and life into any home, garden or outdoor space without taking up valuable wall or floor space. There are many types of materials and sizes available, making it easy to find the perfect planter for your needs. With proper care and maintenance, these stylish planters can provide years of enjoyment!