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Firepits and Outdoor Heating

Firepits and Outdoor Heating Buying Guide: Everything you need to know


Welcome to our comprehensive guide on firepits and outdoor heating. Whether you’re looking for a way to keep warm during the cooler months, add ambience to your outdoor gatherings, or even just want something that looks nice in your backyard – an outdoor firepit is a great choice. From wood burning pits to propane pits, this guide will walk you through everything you need to know about selecting the right firepit for your home and budget.


What are Fire Pits?

Fire pits are containers designed to contain and safely burn combustible material such as logs, charcoal or gas fuel. The open design of fire pits allows flames and smoke to escape freely while providing warmth and light. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials to fit any outdoor area.


What are the Benefits of Having a Fire Pit?

Fire pits can provide warmth and light which is especially nice during cooler months. They’re great for entertaining as they create an inviting atmosphere outdoors. Additionally, they serve as great conversation starters when hosting friends or family at your home. Fire pits also act as beautiful decorative pieces that can add personality to your outdoor space.


Are Fire Pits Safe?

When used correctly, fire pits are very safe and don’t pose much risk to you or your guests. To ensure safety, it’s important to choose the right size pit for the area, make sure it’s situated on a flat and stable surface, and keep an eye on the fire at all times. For added safety, you can also install glass wind guards or heat shields around your fire pit.


What Types of Fire Pits are Available?

There are several types of fire pits available including wood burning pits, gas pits, propane pits, electric fire tables, tabletop pits and portable pits. Wood burning fire pits require logs or charcoal to create flames while gas-powered models use natural gas or propane tanks as fuel sources. Electric and tabletop models don’t produce an open flame but instead use electricity to power lightbulbs that illuminate them from inside. Lastly, portable models are designed to be moved around the yard and can be powered by either gas or electricity.


What is the Best Material for a Fire Pit?

The best material for your fire pit will depend on where you plan to use it as well as your budget. For permanent installations, stone is one of the most popular options due to its durability and classic look. Steel is also an excellent choice that’s more affordable than stone and higher grade metals are even available in different colors. Additionally, there are some ceramic models that offer unique designs but may not stand up against the elements as well as other materials.


How do I Choose the Right Size Fire Pit?

When choosing the size of your fire pit, it’s important to take into consideration the size of your outdoor area and how far away you want guests to be from the flames. For smaller spaces, a mini firepit is great for creating an intimate atmosphere but won’t provide much warmth or light. Mid-sized pits are perfect for backyards with plenty of space as they can heat up larger areas without taking over the entire yard. Lastly, large models are ideal for entertaining groups of 10 people or more as they produce plenty of heat and light.


What Should I Look for When Buying a Fire Pit?

When buying a fire pit, there are several things to consider such as material, size and ventilation. The material should be durable enough to withstand the elements and fit within your budget. Additionally, the size should be appropriate for the space you plan to use it in as well as how many people will be gathered around it. Lastly, make sure there is adequate ventilation so that smoke can escape freely.


How Much Does a Fire Pit Cost?

The cost of fire pits varies depending on material, size and features but generally range anywhere from $50 - $2,000+. Smaller models such as tabletop or portable pits can be found for under $100 while larger models cost upwards of several hundred dollars. High-end materials such as stainless steel or stone will also increase the price tag significantly.


Are Fire Pits Easy to Maintain?

Fire pits are relatively easy to maintain and can last for years with proper care. It’s important to clean out the ashes after every use as well as cover it when not in use to protect against weather and pests. Additionally, inspect it regularly for any cracks or damage that could affect its performance. Lastly, never leave an open flame unattended and take extra caution when using around children or pets.