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Cushions Buying Guide: Everything You Need To Know


Are you in the market for cushions? If so, you’re in the right place! Cushions are a great way to spruce up your home décor and add comfort to any room. But with the myriad of options available, how do you know which cushion is right for you? That’s where this buying guide comes in. We’ll be breaking down what types of cushions are available and giving advice on how to choose one that meets your needs. Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about buying cushions!


What material should I look for when buying a cushion?

The type of material will depend on where the cushion is being used and your personal preferences. For outdoor use, you’ll want something that is waterproof and UV-resistant like polyester or acrylic. If the cushion will be inside, cotton and linen are popular choices as they are breathable and comfortable.


How do I choose the size of a cushion?

The size of a cushion should depend on where it will be placed and how much space you have available. A general rule of thumb is to leave at least 4 inches around the edges for comfort. Additionally, if you plan on using the cushion for lounging, it should be long enough for someone to curl up comfortably.


Should I buy a foam or down filled cushion?

Foam filled cushions are great because they retain their shape and provide a supportive surface to sit on. Down filled cushions, on the other hand, provide extra softness and comfort. If you’re looking for firm support, go with foam; if ultimate comfort is what you’re after, go with down.


What type of cushion is best for a chair?

For chairs, it’s best to use foam or down-filled cushions that are specifically designed for seating. This will ensure that your cushion fits snugly and offers comfortable support. Additionally, make sure to measure the seat before buying so that you know exactly what size cushion to buy.


Can I use a cushion as a mattress topper?

Yes, you can! Cushions are great for adding extra comfort and support to mattresses. To use them as a topper, look for cushions that are thick enough to provide the support needed but not so thick that it becomes uncomfortable. Additionally, make sure the cushion is securely affixed in place with either straps or ties so that it doesn’t shift during sleep.


Should I buy pre-made or custom cushions?

It really depends on your needs and preferences. Pre-made cushions will be cheaper and easier to find, however they may not offer the exact size or design that you’re looking for. Custom cushions can be more expensive, but they allow you to get precisely what you want.


How do I clean and maintain my cushion?

Cleaning and maintaining your cushion will depend on the type of material it’s made from. For example, some fabrics are machine washable while others may require spot-cleaning with a damp cloth. Additionally, some cushions may require fluffing or drying after washing so make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully.


What is a lumbar cushion?

A lumbar cushion is designed specifically to provide extra support for the lower back area when sitting in chairs or cars. They come in various shapes and sizes to match the contours of your back and provide comfort when sitting for long periods.


What type of cushion is best for a couch?

For couches, you’ll want to look for down-filled cushions that are specifically made for seating. This will ensure that the cushion fits snugly in place and provides comfortable support when lounging. Additionally, make sure to measure your couch before buying so that you get the correct size cushion.


What is the difference between a bolster pillow and a lumbar cushion?

Bolster pillows are usually quite thin and cylindrical in shape while lumbar cushions are thicker and have more pronounced curves to better follow the contours of the body. Bolster pillows are typically used for decorative purposes while lumbar cushions are designed to offer extra comfort and support when sitting in chairs or cars.


Cushions come in a variety of sizes, shapes and materials so it’s important to do your research before purchasing one. Consider where you want to place the cushion, how thick it should be, if foam or down filling is best, if pre-made will work or custom is needed, and whether you need a bolster pillow or lumbar cushion. With all these factors in mind, you’ll be sure to find the perfect cushion for your needs.